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A simple 5 Inch cheesecake yet packed with flavor. The Burnt Top Cheesecake is our Japanese rendition of the Basque Cheesecake with its roots from...
A Pancake, Cheesecake, and Pudding bringing the trinity in all things delicious and fluffy. The combo includes your choice of pancake along with the Original...
Just one bite and you will experience the taste in your mouth that melts like snow, the rich milky taste that brings instant joy, and...
A rendition of our pancakes covered with blueberry cheese sauce along with a caramelized lemon on top.
For all the strawberry lovers, this pancake is topped with whipped cream and strawberry sauce finished with fresh cut strawberries. The cream and strawberries beautifully...
Who doesn't love Nutella? We wanted to show our love for this delicious treat by combining chocolate with our pancakes! Complemented with a banana, this...
For all the matcha lovers, this pancake is topped with whipped cream along with matcha powder. It is also garnished with white chocolate and red...
Our rendition of the classic pancake toppings, our fluffy pancake is accompanied by whipped cream, butter, and maple syrup.
Beautiful and chocolatey, this pancake is perfect for those who love a little (or a lot) of chocolate in their life. The original pancake is...
Our original pancake covered with an assortment of fresh fruits topped with cream and maple syrup.
The most popular pancake which has fresh cream and fresh fruits on top. Simple yet delicious!