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The products in our "Enjoy at Home" collection are specially curated to be just as delicious as our in-store products, but much more transportable, so it can be brought home to enjoy!

Whether it's for a special occasion, virtual event, or "just because", Fuwa Fuwa wants to continue spreading happiness - even if it means we aren't able to welcome you for dine-in right now! 

*NEW* This collection is now available for in-store pickup at FUWA FUWA Bloor (408 Bloor St W.) Mon-Thur 12-8pm. Please allow 30-45 mins to prepare.

Indulge just a little bit with our macaron & cheesecake set, which features: - 9 Fatcarons (1 of each flavor: blueberry, black sesame, crème brûlée, strawberry,...
Afternoon Tea is a wonderful time to take a well-deserved break, and to enjoy with friends and family. We want to give you an entire...
The Original, Matcha, and Chocolate Rollcake, tastes like a fluffy and buttery cloud!
Having a hard time picking from our collection and can't choose just one? Then the cheesecake dessert sampler would be a wonderful choice for you!...
Try all nine flavors of our Fatcarons with our macaron box! All our macarons are gluten-free and are made with an almond base with flavored buttercream inside....
Handcrafted with Belgian chocolate, freeze dried ice cream, mini marshmallows, dark chocolate and mini chocolate crispies, we've created another feast for your senses. Simply add...
Smooth and refreshing puddings with various iconic Asian flavors. The puddings come in coconut, mango, and matcha.
Oreos are the iconic mix for cookies and cream, this cupcake is our rendition of a cookies and cream cupcake with decadence. Smooth and sweet,...
Simple yet delicious, this cupcake is topped with sweet strawberry buttercream icing. With cute round sprinkles, this cupcake is a perfect fit for your mouth...
For the everyday chocoholic, this macaron has decadent and rich chocolate filling with small chocolate rounds for the smooth cocoa taste.
Very chocolaty if that's a word to describe it. Made with lots of chocolate from its base to the decadent chocolate ganache. Topped with white...
Get the best in Fuwa Fuwa's Japanese dessert collection with the Ultimate Fuwa Sweets Party!Featuring the Macaron box, the Afternoon Tea box, and a Burnt-Top...